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Saturday, October 08, 2005

Results: Press Conference Predictions

Well, I'd give myself a 7.5 I got some key buzzwords and captured a lot of the main points. Before the next press conference, I will further hone my psychic powers:

"..The American people are gonna see that Harriet is a top rate legal mind....I have worked with Ms. Miers. I've come to know what a sharp and....careful legal mind she she........Lemme just say that the reason I picked Ms. Miers is because she's the kind of person who interprests the law not makes the law. And that's what I look for when I'm looking for a judge or a justice....someone who's not going to, you know, legislate from the bench. And the American people are gonna see that, just like I saw it in the years I've worked with Ms. Miers."

ACTUAL: "Let me -- please, please. I've known Harriet for over a decade. I've worked with Harriet. She's a woman of principle and character. She's highly intelligent....
Secondly, she knows the kind of judge I'm looking for -- after all, she was a part of the process that selected John Roberts....And there should be no doubt in anybody's mind what I believe a judge -- the philosophy of a judge. And Harriet Miers shares that philosophy.....She is -- she understands the law, she's got a keen mind, she will not legislate from the bench."

"...the fact is anybody who knows me knows I'm not a fan of litmus tests...I don't judge nominees on the basis of one factor, one..qualification...That goes for opinions on cases like Roe and that goes for other qualifications as well."

I have no litmus test. It's also something I've consistently said: There is not litmus test. What matters to me is her judicial philosophy; what does she believe the role -- the proper role of the judiciary is, relative to the legislative and the executive branch. And she'll be asked all kinds of questions up there, but the most important thing for me is what kind of judge will she be? And so there's no litmus tests."

When we look back, are there things that coulda gone better? You bet. A ca-ta-stro-phe of that mag-ni-tude is somethin you can never totally plan for. And so, what I told the Congress and my staff is that we're gonna see what we need to do to get it right if - God forbid - anything like that happens again.

One area where I hope the country takes a look at is the responsibility between federal, state and local government when it comes to cat-a-stroph-ic events, highly-cat-a-stroph-ic events.....There's always going to be frustrations in the immediate aftermath of a storm.


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